Farouq Samnani is a dynamic art director and multidisciplinary creative with a distinct visual style and a passion for storytelling. His expertise spans design strategy, art direction, branding, and visual communication, utilizing graphic design, illustration, and photography to craft compelling narratives.

Farouq's photography deeply influences his design work, creating cohesive and original visual stories. His ability to blend these disciplines ensures a consistent and enriched brand presence, with each medium enhancing the other.

Inspired by exploration, experimentation, and play, Farouq’s work is marked by a unique perspective shaped by his global experiences. He has collaborated with international brands, artists, and startups, continually expanding his creative horizons. In 2015, he co-founded and assumed the role of Creative Director for Kings Ambition, one of Dubai’s pioneering luxury streetwear labels, where he gained recognition with the brand’s debut collection at Saks Fifth Avenue, Middle East.

Farouq’s illustration work is celebrated within the Hip Hop community, notably through his collaboration with renowned New York photographer Jamal Shabazz on "Back in the Days," a tribute to the legends of Hip Hop and the birth of New York street style in the early 80’s.

Beyond commercial success, Farouq is dedicated to social change. In 2022, he developed an academic research curriculum called “Photovoice” and led a workshop in Goa, India, using photography to promote culturally safe services for perinatal depression in rural Rajasthan.

For projects and collaborations: get@farouqsamnani.com
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