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Kings Ambition

Brand insights gained from initial exploration with partners and stakeholders.

Considering some key visual design parameters and what aspects to focus on.

- Create a bold identity that seamlessly blends the sophistication of street luxury with a tribute to graffiti art.
- Combine elements of local culture with classic and refined streetwear aesthetics.
- Emphasize symbols and words that resonate with Dubai club culture and lifestyle.
- Embody Dubai's hustle mentality.
- Understand trending streetwear brands in the market.
- Observe the culture and its visual cues. (Emphasis on urban and hip hop culture)

Observe and brainstorm 
Observations of past and present culture in Dubai.
Generate ideas based on observations.
Uncovering a unique perspective helps craft a compelling narrative.

Bake in the visual easthetics of 90’s hip hop street culture.
Reference for photo direction.
Moodboard and exploration

Identity Concept
Inspiration and sketch evolution.
Development of ideas in a low fidelity format. 
Looking to see what might work better. 

Further iteration and refinement presented in high-fidelity.

Design concepts and mockups

Explore and develop graphic elements to help establish brand story and visual language.
Create initial mockups and presentation deck to communicate brand ethos and concepts.

Internal review > Stakeholder review

Refinement of graphic elements

Develop tech pac for sampling 

Execution of debut collection and brand  

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