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Keona Interiors Rebrand

Rediscovering Keona's founding story

- A comprehensive brand DNA discovery session and workshop was held in collaboration with the client.
- The insights gained from this workshop informed my approach to developing the brand identity.


Brand insights gained from discovery session with client.

Considering some key visual design parameters and what aspects to focus on.

- The visual brand must evoke a connection to the natural beauty and environment of Bali.
- Visualy communicate Keona’s understanding of raw and noble materials.  
- Elements of nature inform Keona’s design approach and easthetic.
- The visual brand should reflect Keona's ethos of balanced energy.

Existing visual identity assessment

Observe and brainstorm 
Observations of Keona’s design process and its connection to the natural environment of Bali.
Generate ideas based on observations and client’s preferences.
Uncovering a unique perspective helps craft a compelling narrative.
Exploration and inspiration (Moodboards)

Identity Concept
Wordmark exploration and searh through various typefoundaries.
Norrowing down to shortlist and refining the selections further.

Design Concepts and Mockups

Explore 3-4 different high-fidelity wordmark concepts. 
Create initial mockups and a presentation deck to convey the overall look and feel.
Include color palette and supporting graphic elements to help establish a visual language.

Exploration of colour palette
Colour palette refinement

Visual language

Explore and develop graphic elements to help support visual brand story.

  Develop brand guidelines 

Develop social media (Instagram) guide 

Execution of visual brand

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